Iran Land of Art & Architecture

Start in Tehran finish in Shiraz

Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz
9 Days

Iran Land of Elamite

Start in Tehran finish in Tehran

Tehran, Khorram Abad, Shush,Shushtar, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan
14 Days

Steps to the Historical Persia

Start in Tehran finish in Tehran

Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz,
7 Days

Stroll into Persian Island

Start in Tehran finish in Tehran

Tehran, Qeshm, Bandar Abbas, Minab
8 Days

Discover Iran in Depth

Start in Mashhad finish in Shiraz

Mashhad, Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz
16 Days

Iran Land of Colors

Start in Tehran finish in Shiraz

Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz
10 Days


Iran is a hidden gem of Silk Road, a cultural destination with historical and archaeological sites to visit. Traveling Iran means to meet people, very kind people, hospitable people, that’s why Iranians are famous all over the world because of the hospitality. Do you like to immerse in Iran culture and experience it like a local? Do you have a dream of discovering unique desert area? Do you like eating local dishes in different parts of Iran? Do you enjoy taking photos from monuments or are you a photographer that looks for something special? Do you have curiosity to talk to Iranians? Is Iran tour suitable for every age?
Yes! antique Persia is where you enjoy visiting and exploring it. Besides, DanaTrips Iran tours, Iran cultural tours, Iran adventure tours, Iran guided tour, Iran tour for families and city tours are customised according to nationalities and interests of our lovely tour groups to Iran. You can stay in a luxury hotel in big cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad and Isfahan or in traditional houses that are converted into spectacular hotels in cities like Kashan and Shiraz. You can also spend an unforgettable night in an equipped tents in the middle of the Lut desert or Mesr desert. If you are a nature lover and want to wake up into a dreamy scenery, eco-lodges in northern part of Iran, close to the Caspian Sea are among the best places in Iran. Take a Iran tour and discover Iran with DanaTrips and let yourself have a romantic breakfast in Persian Island of Qeshm, stroll into old towns and finding hidden sides of them, explore local old bazaars, accompany with your tour guide to discover history of various dynasties and encounter one of the greatest cultures and the richest histories in the world and discover Iran.

Why Iran Tours and Traveling to Iran?

Iran is on the wish list of many travelers and they really want to take a trip to Iran but why? Simply because of culture and history of Iran. In Persia there are several places to visit and several activities to enjoy. Iran homes the first Persian Empire in 550 B.C. Achaemenid dynasty ruled in Iran with justice, the empire that covered an area from Greece to China. in an Iran tour Ancient Persepolis, Pasargadae and Necropolis are among most visited sites by tourists and travelers and they truly present majesty and power of Iran in ancient time. In classic Iran tours, Iran cultural tours, Iran small group tours, Iran private tours of DanaTrips you visit and discover these stunning archaeological sites. But Iran tourism and the best Iran tours are not only about visiting cultural sites and strolling in fabulous old bazaars, but also about natural sites and adventure Iran tours. Discover Iran by camping in desert or islands of southern Iran, visiting the Pink Lake, safari and camel riding in central and Lut desert, taking nomadic tours to experience lifestyle of nomads, drive into forest’s paths and go camping in the middle of Hyrcanian jungle, dive into Persian Gulf or mountain climbing, caving, canyon tours of western Iran, river rafting in Zayandeh Rood and other activities that soaring your adrenaline level. This is Iran, colorful country with cultural and natural attractions for both solo travelers and small group tours to Iran.

Iran Is Located in the Middle East and Western Asia 

It is the seventeen largest and eighteen most populous countries in the world. Various cultures and ethnic groups that have settled in Iran over the past millennium constitute the 80 million population of Iran. There are over 20 tribes as well as 75 languages and dialects in Iran. Being one of the most pristine countries, Iran is a four seasons country, is the home of the hottest point on earth, Gandom Beryan in Lut desert, and has experienced the fiercest blizzard of the world in the past century in 1972. Perhaps, it is possible in Iran only to go from the heat of a desert to a dense forest and descend from high mountains and wade in blue seas.
It spans 1.648.195 sq. km. making it the second largest country in the Middle East. It is surrounded by Muslim and Christian countries and shares land boarders with seven countries. Of all ups and downs of Iran’s history it would be adequate to know that Iran has had the most capitals, 31 capital cities over 5000 years of government! Each of those previous capital cities was home to a culture and tribe which ruled over Iran for millennium. So, you interact with a country of different tribes with a rich culture and civilization.

Iran Is a Four Seasons Country

Iran has a dry and arid climate. However, due to the fact that it is a vast country and enjoys various natural features such as high mountains in the north and west and vast low lands including central plains in the plateau of Iran and that it is located in the proximity of the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, each of these features creates a special climate. While in summer, the northern coast of Iran is warm and humid, in winter it gets moderate. The western and north western regions enjoy mild summers and cold winters. The southern regions are extremely hot in summer and moderate and springy in winter.

Iran Desert Tours Are Among the Most Wanted Tours

Desert tours are always on the top of the list every traveler to Iran. Exploring desert and its surrounding area, let you enjoy the calmness of desert, beauty of sunset and sunrise of every day, untouchable starry sky and experiencing unforgettable dream of staying nights in tent in the middle of the desert. One of the main reason for heading to Iran is that you can experience central desert of Iran and Lut desert which is registered as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2016. In terms of natural attractions, Iran is one of the richest and the most beautiful countries in the world thanks to its specific geographic location and its unique climates. Now that the heritage of ancient Mesopotamian civilizations has suffered extensive damage from incessant wars, you can explore Iran away from the restless atmosphere of war and visit ancient monuments of great civilizations of the past such as Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, ancient city of Susa (Shush), glorious Persepolis, mausoleum of Cyrus the great and the peaceful blue Isfahan.

Take a Classic 7 days Iran Tours or More

Undoubtedly tour of classic routes are the most famous tours in Iran. In 7 days tours, Iran 7 days cultural tours and more day 7 days Iran tour packages depende on your taste, you visit the main attractions and some of UNESCO sites in Iran. Starting point in most Iran tours is the capital and business heart of country, Tehran. Tehran is located at the foot of the Alborz stretching from east to west in north central Iran. The Existence of the Alborz mountain range contributes to moderate weather during cold and hot seasons making it possible for those who intend to visit Tehran to do so at any time.

Tehran City of Classic Iran Tour

Like a metropolis, Tehran has two different sides, old and modern. If you wish to enjoy the old part, you can feast your eyes on the south of Tehran which is abundant with museums, palaces and galleries and among them Golestan Palace is stunning. As you move toward the north of the city, modern buildings, giant structures and luxury restaurants emerged. You can have different cuisine of Iran in Tehran. Keep way to Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Kerman and Khuzestan. In a typical Iran tour package in 7 days, you take a look at cultural and natural attractions and sightseeing of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz but you can expand the duration of your Iran trip and visit the holy city of Qom located between Kashan and Tehran. To make our trip close to rural area, we spend time in Red village of Abyaneh on the foothill of Karkas Mountain. It has not finished yet! We can extend our trip by spending starry nights in desert area such as Maranjab, Meser desert, Garmeh and etc.

Isfahan City of Blue Art

Isfahan’s location in central Iran or in other words, in the middle of Iran plateau from the high Zagros Mountain in the west to the arid desert in the east, grants it a very special weather and nature. Isfahan, a valuable jewelry, shines with the magnificent background in the history of Iran, being a royal residence for Achaemenid kings, being a safe place for Jews, being a very agreeable climate for Seljuk kings and being a splendid capital for Safavid. Isfahan is a city which aggregates extraordinary history, unique culture, precious art and stunning architecture that no one can take the eyes form. You can’t blink when you see the shine of tile work in Naghshe Jahan square’s monuments; you hold your breath when you see the fabulous bridges over the Zayandeh Rood River (means: life-giving river) and you find old houses, old bathhouses and old streets very appealing. So no wonder the Iranians say: Isfahan is half of the world.

Yazd City of Zoroaster in Persia

Islamic architecture and Iranian fine arts have created unique set of mosques, bazaars and Persian Gardens flaunting in Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz and Kerman. Yazd and its historical texture with its roofed lanes and soaring wind catchers are the best escape from the desert heat. Yazd is not only the city of wind-catcher but also the home of Zoroastrianism. There are a lot to discover in Yazd, from winding alleys to the mud-brick houses, from Kharanagh desert to Zoroastrian temple of Chak Chak, from Jameh mosque of Yazd to preserved Fire temple of Bahram. Yazd has always something to offer.

Iran Home of Various Religions

It would be great to visit holy shrines of various ancient religions including Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There are selected Iran tours and scheduled packages in all these destinations. Just take a look at Iran map and you can see plurality of them.

Solo Travelers or Group Tours to Iran 

If you are a solo traveler, we arrange tailor-made Iran tours regarding to your request with variable budget from Iran economy tours to Iran luxury tours. If you are among those type of travelers that prefer visit Iran in an Iran  private tour with the family or a group of friends, we have several itineraries and Iran tour packages from Caspian Sea coastlines in north to enchanting Persian Islands of Qeshm, Hormoz, Kish and Hengam in south of Iran in Persian Gulf. From Khorasan and cradle of Iran civilization, Sistan va Baluchestan in east to Tabriz city of constitution and Kermanshah in west of Iran. If you like to travel to Iran with a group, we have arranged several itineraries and Iran tour packages with fixed departure in each season for travelers to Persia. In all our Iran  tours as solo travelers or in a group with tour guide, we believe in responsible tourism in Iran through participating the local society, providing local dishes for DanaTrips travelers, talking about traditions and respecting the local society. We also offer Iran travel services such as hotel reservation, flight booking both international and domestic flights, Iran visa and airport transportation.

What Travelers Say About Iran

Iran is among top destinations in the Middle East that must be visited. Iran is a country full of historical attractions, variety of ecosystems ranging from central desert to southern areas and beautiful forests of the north near the Caspian Sea. Iran has been the heart of some of the world’s most glorious empires. Without the doubt mosques in Iran are very special and like nowhere else in the world. Isfahan is Iran most amazing city and its mosques composed of giant domes and mind-blowing ceilings with extravagant geometrical forms, are the most impressive buildings in the Middle East without any doubt. The popular website of Rough Guides called Iran and Isfahan among 12 top destinations of Middle East and mentioned this famous Persian proverb that “Isfahan is half of the world” which seems positively encourage hyperbole and the city square, Naghsh-e Jahan, is one of the world’s most spectacular city squares.

DanaTrips Welcomes Travelers 

There are series of photos from our guests in TripAdvisor and it’s our honour to be their host in Persia.  You must visit Iran for its contrasts and diversity, for the ancient civilization it showcases in all its corners and for its rich culture or for the sake of Iran!

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Me and my family, husband and four children travel to Iran for the first time in April. We had a great time with our tour leader Mahtab during our stay in Iran. We are very pleased with the trip DanaTrips arranged for us.

Claudia MercedesSweden

15 giorni meravigliosi in posti meravigliosi con paesaggi meravigliosi in mezzo a gente meravigliosa Con guide meravigliose Grazie Claudia Vittorio

Claudia & VittorioItaly

I visited Persia in may 2019. We had 2 excellent and very professional guides: Mossen ( English speaking) for only 3 days and Alí ( Italian speaking) for many days. Both had given us wonderful experiences and love for your country.

Anna GiovanelliItaly

Isfahan for its beauty, sitting on the Meydan-e Naqsh-e Jahan, enjoying the friendliness of people; but Yazd for the desert charm, climbing the Towers of Silence. And Shiraz for Persepolis and other sites from the Achaemenid period.

Andrea PichlmeierGermany


Any help about tours in Iran, just let us do our best!